Cascina degli Ulivi  Semplicemente Rosso - Grain & Vine | Curated Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Cascina degli Ulivi Semplicemente Rosso

$ 18

Wine is, by definition, the transformation of grape juice via fermentation. Any other addition, subtraction and any forcing of the process are devices used to fabricate drinks “based on” fermented grape juice. At Cascina degli Ulivi we have always strived to produce natural wines, with no additives, using only the grapes from our vineyards, farmed with biodynamic methods. The art of winemaking is that of overseeing a natural process in its various stages. For each wine we choose a different vinification method in an effort to “interpret” in the best of ways our grapes. We do not use selected yeasts, nor enzymes, nor any other type of oenological additive.

Biodynamics is a farming method that stems from the indications that Rudolf Steiner gave in the 1920s. It is presently the best method for a healthy, living, agriculture able to enrich soils where it is applied, hence guaranteeing sustainability for the future. This way the soil gives tasty and authentically nutricious fruit that truly express its terroir.

Biodynamics is based upon sensible farming, conceiving soil, plants, and the farm as living beings forming a harmonious whole.

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