CO Cellars Melon Drop - Grain & Vine | Curated Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

CO Cellars Melon Drop

$ 12

Want to kick back middle school style with some watermelon gummies but also catch a buzz all while keeping it natty? Hold my beer. We added fresh whole pressed watermelon juice grown by number one buds at Pitchfork Farms to single-varietal Vidal grown and fermented at Snow Farm Vineyard and added wild foraged and fermented cider. This wine is surprisingly complex with layers of bright Vidal, rich melon, and a hint of bitter rind.

Watermelons - Pitchfork Farm. VT
Vidal Grapes - Snow Farm Vineyard, VT
Foraged Wild Apples - Yoder Farm. VT

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