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Domaine Jean Bousquet Winery Gaia

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Producer information

The Bousquet Family, who hail from the southern French city of Carcassonne, have a long history and prestigious wine making tradition. In the constant struggle to produce wines of a superior quality, Mr. Jean Bousquet was determined to find the best place to continue the family’s decades long tradition. In 1990 Mr. Bousquet first arrived in Mendoza to investigate the vineyards and wineries. Upon discovering the unique characteristics of the region, its soil, it’s high altitude, it’s terroir, Mr. Bousquet was convinced he had found the ideal location for his winery. In 1998, after buying a parcel of land, he moved from France to the foothills of The Andes. The vineyard is located in Tupungato, Uco Valley, Mendoza at an altitude of 1200 meters (4,000 feet) above the sea level, making it one of the higher altitude vineyards of Mendoza and the world. The vineyards are blessed with cool nights and a near constant cool breeze, the idyllic conditions for ripe grapes and excellent wines. The main objective of Domaine Bousquet is to combine the European Elegance in winemaking style with the prefect cool climate and terroir of the Uco Valley in Argentina. The result is wines that are naturally elegant with incredible color, beautiful fruity driven character, good structure with velvety style and a perfect sugar/acid balance. Approachable young, the wines reward further aging. The wines continue to receive accolades from the International Wine Press. The wines are sold in over 45 countries around the world making us one of the leading exporters of organic wines in South America. We are committed to produce world-class quality wines applying both French and Argentine know-how in the winemaking process and by respecting the environment. To achieve our goal, we have established our winery in the exceptional terroir of Tupungato, Uco Valley, Mendoza, which offers ideal weather conditions that allows us to produce high quality Argentine wines from organic grapes.

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Immediately after being poured, this wine offers up ample ripeness of its dark berries and cassis qualities, with a backbone of vanilla and baking spices that pepper the perimeters of your palate. It is of substantial weight, pushing forward with its supple tannins that amplify its structure.

Whatever is on the plate, it needs to be well seasoned and with richness that will stand up to this wine's body. Grilled skirt steak tossed in a chimichurri is a reliable option, as would be a well marbled cut of ribeye.