Drinkworks Home Bar Sampler - Grain & Vine | Curated Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Drinkworks Home Bar Sampler

$ 75

Whether you’re new to Drinkworks or just looking to shake things up, the Home Bar Sampler is the best way to explore our portfolio and find a new favorite. The Home Bar Sampler includes one of each of the following pods: Classic Collection Cosmopolitan (36% ABV) Classic Collection Cuban Daiquiri (42.1% ABV) Classic Collection Long Island Iced Tea (43.9% ABV) Classic Collection Margarita (33.4% ABV) Classic Collection Mojito (32.9% ABV) Classic Collection Moscow Mule (34.1% ABV) Classic Collection Old Fashioned (40% ABV) Classic Collection Peach Sangria (37.4% ABV) Classic Collection White Russian (18% ABV) Paradise Collection Mai Tai (37.8% ABV) Paradise Collection Strawberry Margarita (34.6% ABV) Simply Refreshing Collection Vodka Lemonade (37.3% ABV) Simply Refreshing Collection Whiskey Cola (37.5% ABV) Wandering Vine Collection Lemon Bubbly (33.4% ABV) Wandering Vine Collection Red Sangria (39.1% ABV) Wandering Vine Collection Rose Spritzer (22.4% ABV)

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