La Agricola Cara Sur Criolla Chica Calingasta

La Agricola Cara Sur Criolla Chica Calingasta

$ 25

Familia Zuccardi is obviously one of the biggest names in Argentine wine, rightly so, and Sebastian Zuccardi is widely regarded is one of the leading young lights in the industry. Cara Sur, meaning South Face, refers to the treacherous mountain-scape that overlooks the vineyards here. It's a very small project that Sebastian has embarked on with his wife, Marce, and his close friends Nuria and Pancho.


The wine is made in an old viticultural location, Barreal in the Calingasta Valley, Province of San Juan at 1,500 metres above sea level; a place that has garnered much interest in recent years as having tremendous potential. The vines are trained in the time-honoured parral system and are over 50 years old.


Bursting with ripe summer fruit pudding aromas with a dusting violets and roses. Surprisingly firm tannins and serious acidity make for a wine that demands respect and good grub.

Roast lamb and pork belly work particularly well but anything with a nice fatty flavour is great.