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Owen Roe Mirth Chardonnay

$ 14

Producer information

Corvidae is the Latin name for the family of birds that includes the Crow, Raven, Jay and Magpie. These "dark" birds are everywhere in the vineyards of Eastern Washington. Their reputation as crafty, adaptable, and somewhat dubious characters is a fitting icon for our suspiciously terrific value wines from this region. The geology and climate here yields rich, complex fruit, with luscious fragrance and bright acidity

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Sourced from multiple sites in the Yakima Valley, this Chardonnay shows flavors of golden delicious apples, Meyer lemon and just a hint of ripe tropical fruit. The balanced acidity gives it a bright clean finish.

 Pair this refreshing Chardonnay with a chanterelle herb frittata, lemon roasted chicken, or a mango avocado and smoked salmon salad.