Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme Le Telquel Rose

Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme Le Telquel Rose

$ 18

The 2022 Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme Le Telquel Rosé is an embodiment of charm and elegance hailing from the diverse terroir of France's Loire Valley. Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme, a winemaker revered for his commitment to natural and sustainable viticulture, has masterfully crafted this wine with expressive character and undeniable allure.

Le Telquel Rosé is primarily composed of Gamay, a grape variety celebrated for its bright fruit flavors and tantalizing acidity. Grown in limestone and clay soils, the Gamay grapes for this wine are hand-harvested at their peak of ripeness, ensuring an expressive Rosé that captures the heart of the Loire Valley. Bonhomme’s winemaking philosophy shines in this wine, reflecting a purity of fruit and a sense of place.

Nose: The nose of the Le Telquel Rosé unveils a charming bouquet of aromas, featuring vibrant notes of strawberry, red cherry, and a hint of watermelon. Upon further exploration, undertones of floral nuances and a touch of herbaceousness make their presence known, enriching the aromatic complexity.

Palate: On the palate, the 2022 Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme Le Telquel Rosé offers an energetic play of flavors. Bright red fruit flavors of strawberries and cherries take the center stage, while a gentle underpinning of watermelon and floral accents adds depth. A mild note of herbs and crushed stones subtly unfurls mid-palate, hinting at the limestone and clay terroir.

Finish: The finish of this Rosé is clean and refreshing, with the buoyant red fruit notes gradually retreating to leave a lingering echo of delicate florals, gentle herbs, and a nuanced mineral tang.

The Le Telquel Rosé is as versatile in the glass as it is at the table. Light and crisp, it makes an excellent partner to seafood dishes such as grilled shrimp or seared scallops. It can also be paired harmoniously with salads featuring goat cheese and fresh summer fruits.

Poultry dishes, particularly those with a citrus or herb-based sauce, will bring out the best in this Rosé. For the vegetarians, the wine shines when accompanied by dishes like a fresh Caprese salad or a ratatouille. Finally, a selection of soft, creamy cheeses such as Brie or Camembert beautifully echo the wine’s fruit-forward and subtly herbal character. Savor the 2022 Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme Le Telquel Rosé as it wonderfully complements a variety of culinary delights.