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Sicera Mariane Normandy Cider Rose

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Domaine Sicera is located at Eturqueraye, in the heart of Normandy, between the Seine Valley and the Risle Valley.


Beginning in the 19th century with Guillaume Caillouel and later his son Florentin, the family begin cultivating apples and producing both cider and Calvados. Seeking the perfect cider apple, they created a new variety of apple in 1886 that now carries their name: the Caillouel.  It is marked by the beautiful red color of its pulp.


For 30 years, family cultivation and cider production under Hervé Caillouel saw continuation and growth. His grandson. Paul Caillouel, would created Domaine Sicera with the notion of sharing his family's ciders (and apple variety) with a wider audience. 


Apples come from the family orchards. Terroir plays a significant role in their ciders, with soils of clay and flint providing ideal growing conditions for the different varieties . With a cumulative 20 hectares of orchards, they cultivate 15 distinct apple varieties (listed below). Every cider consists of several varieties of apples, each having its importance: the bitter bring some structure, the bittersweets their aromas, the soft for the sweetness and finally the slightly acid structure the product and bring the freshness.


Steps are being taken to convert the orchard to certified organic agriculture. 


Apple varieties : Caillouel, Fréquin rouge, Marie Menard, Noël des Champs, Binet Rouge, Judor, Petit jaune, Doux Veret de Carrouges, Saint Joseph, Douce Moen, Bedan, Douce Coet Ligne, Bisquet.

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