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Tequila Ocho "La Latilla" Anejo

$ 69

Rancho “La Latilla” slopes gently from the east giving full afternoon sun exposure. The rancho has mature cedar and oak trees around the land. The soil is typical of the Highlands with red oxide and clay and is slightly acidic. This ranch is about 1 kilometer from the distillery, “La Alteña” where Tequila Ocho is made.


At harvest the plants were 7 years of age being fully mature with an average sugar content of 32%, which is well above usual. Average weight of the piñas was 39 kg. Size does not denote maturity. The plants were harvested in both later 2014 and early 2015 and all will have the 2015 vintage identity.


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Aroma – Pineapple, old wood, compost, anise, cinnamon, deep red berry fruit, acetone raciness and burnt caramel.

Palate – Stewed red stone fruit, round and sweet, black pepper, earth, menthol, tannins, vanilla, coffee, cacao and old wood.