Dreaming of Albariño at Grain & Vine

Imagine, if only for a second, that you’re sitting on a patio overlooking the Bay of Biscay or the Mediterranean waves rolling into the coast of Andalusia. To your right sits a plate of freshly prepared tapas, a spiritually delicious selection of meats, cheeses, and olives. To your left, a glass of crystal clean, perfectly chilled Spanish white wine.

This, my friends, is the dream of Albariño.

For most foreign consumers, Albariño is the white wine most associated with Spain, with its luscious tropical fruits, singing acidity, and underlining frame of saline minerality crafting what can only be described as one of the most pleasant and food friendly wines on the market today. Tucked just above the border of Portugal in northwestern Spain, the grape finds its home in the maritime climate of Rias Baixas—isolated from the majority of Spanish wine growing regions, Rias Baixas performs uniquely compared to its national cohorts.


But drinking any wine from Spain, and certainly when it comes to Albariño, is all about lifestyle. If you’re looking for fussy dinners, fussy wines, and fussy company, the Spanish are not for you. Rather, Spain’s culture is about relaxation and the enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures, like that patio and its accompanying pairings described above.

After a long week of grinding, New York style, nothing is better than embracing and channeling the inner-Spaniard that lies within all of us—or, at least, that we hope does.


There’s no better place to get that process started than Grain & Vine, where our love for Albariño has been taken to new heights as of late. Currently in stock are four selections that show off Albariño’s versatility and seductive qualities. Between Pazo San Mauro, Laxas, Paco & Lola, and Martín Codax, you’ve got a chance to sample the best of Rias Baixas in the comfort of your own home…or your roof/fire escape.


Come in today and you’ll get 10% off a two bottle purchase—or a whopping 20% off for heading out with all four producers. Plus, you'll get a full brochure with insight into who these producers are and why Rias Baixas is worth celebrating!

Sit down and compare the differences or just pop open a few bottles with your friends on a sunny weekend day. When you're drinking this well (heck, when you're living this well), don't get too caught up in the details. Do it like the Spanish and relax with mother nature's most delicious elixir.