Welcome to The New!

After eight months, all of us here at Grain & Vine could not be more excited for the launch of our new website, designed to be a platform that gives you the same kind of experience online as you get when you come see us in person.

With the site launching, the shelves stocked, windows adorned with displays arranged by our incredibly talented merchandiser, and a stream of regulars from throughout the community strolling through the door, I can’t help but think back to my first days here at the shop.

Grain & Vine - Before and After

Before...and after.

There was, of course, a sense of uncertainty. How will we be welcomed into the community? What kind of wines and spirits will everyone enjoy--how can we cater to those desires? More than anything, though, there was a sense of excitement. The early wishes of luck from neighbors reminded all of us why we got into this business in the first place.

See, whether it’s a bottle of Barolo, a handle of affordable whiskey, or a ten-dollar pick me up bottle of Vinho Verde, our favorite drinks so often coincide with some of our favorite memories. I know that’s the case for me, as I think back to times shared with my family, the first bottle of whiskey I ever brought home to my first apartment, and the wines paired with holiday dinners. We’re sentient creatures after all.  Our hope for the store was to be more than just a place where you’d buy these beverages. We wanted to be the kind of store you actually wanted to be be in, even if it was just to say hi to the staff or check out the selection, any new wines or spirits that might have arrived. A place where someone smiled at you when you walked in the door, helped you find the perfect selection for whatever occasion was on tap, and most of all...played with your dog while you shopped.

But this is New York City, the home of the hustle. Not everyone has time to come into the shop and peruse the shelves. Sometimes, things have to get done with the quickness. So, that’s where this website comes in. Those imaginative tasting notes you’d ask me for, just waiting for me to go off on a tangent about silk dresses and braille? They’re all here, as are producer background notes and food pairing ideas. Clicking through our new website is as close to visiting the store as you can get, with its sensical layout and vibrant pictures that show off that signature Grain & Vine style.

Please, take a look around and get familiar - comfortable, even. Feel at home here on the new and improved, just don’t forget to still come in once in awhile. We miss you, duh.

Thank you all for your support through the holiday season. We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2016 has in store for everyone!