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Belle Meade Sour Mash Straight Bourbon Whiskey

$ 55

To ensure that no other Bourbon in the world tastes like Belle Meade Bourbon, distillery created a proprietary blend using two different high-rye content mash bills and two complementary yeast strains from barrels aged between 6 to 8 years. Each batch of the proprietary blend consists of just 4 barrels and creates the signature flavor profile that makes Belle Meade Bourbon the award-winning Bourbon of choice for the discerning whiskey drinker.

  • High-rye Content (30% rye).
  • 90.4 proof is the ideal sweet spot for depth of character.
  • Small Batch – 4 barrels per batch. A proprietary blend of barrels aged 6-8 years.
  • Never chill-filtered to retain maximum flavor.

TastingNotes Nose: Maple syrup and caramel with floral fragrances and a citrus zest. Palate: Caramel and vanilla with bold rye spice and hints of apricot. Finish: Long, smooth finish with mellow cherry and plum notes accented by cinnamon, all without the burn found in other 90 proof bourbons.