Domaine Kox Cotes de Remich Elbling - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Domaine Kox Cotes de Remich Elbling

$ 18


These three key words summarise the approach of the family-owned Domain Laurent & Rita Kox, situated in the small picturesque town of Remich on the left bank of the Moselle river. Laurent, son of the Domain’s founder, early on loved to spend time in the hillsides above Remich and to live the cycle of the vines’ grapes. He fulfilled his dream by converting his hobby into profession. The innovative Kox Domain always looks into the latest technological solutions in order to bring about the best qualities of the Riesling - the aristocrat of the Luxembourg white wines - the strength of the Pinot Blanc, the smoothness of the Auxerrois or the femininity of the Gewürztraminer. At the same time, there is a wish to revive certain traditional methods of wine making. In short : a unique know-how combining tradition and modernity. The Kox family perpetuates this in-house tradition while looking for excellence in its wines.

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