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Dos Minas Torrontes

$ 12

Dos Minas (“two chicks”) in Argentine slang, are two highly regarded females in the wine industry. Both are aligned in the belief that Torrontés is a wonderfully aromatic, food-friendly wine that is among the best of what Argentina has to offer to the world. 


Torrontes grows especially well in Cafayate, near Salta, due to sandy soils and a longer, cooler summer than in Mendoza. The vineyards in Cafayate are about 1,750m above sea level and the vines are 45-years old in an area called “El Retiro”. The vines are trained in the Pergola method, which is the traditional way for all Torrontes vines to be trained.

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The 2013 Torrontes has more floral and citrus notes due to the fact that the year was sunnier and drier than 2011 and 2012. The grapes were therefore healthier, and it is a wine that has more varietally typical, highly expressive notes of roses and orange blossoms and other flowers. Winery also sought to lower the alcohol to 13% so that the wine would be fresher and easier to drink, yet with good acidity. The fresh aromas and flavors of nectarine, white pepper, and peach pit are in harmony with an addictive acidity and a lively finish.

Pair this beauty with Thai chicken thighs with green garlic, sashimi with jalapeno zest, and grilled shrimp and guacamole rolled in fresh soft corn tortillas.