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Ohishi Tokubetsu Reserve Whisky

$ 225

Ohishi Tokubetsu Reserve is the first ultra-premium release from Ohish. It is a blend of first-fill sherry casks that encompass nearly three different decades of distillation. 29% of the whisky comes from 27-year-old casks, 35% comes from 10-year-old casks and 36% comes from 7-year-old casks. This is the first time anything has been released from Ohishi that has any age details on it at all.

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Takes all the flavors of its Sherry Cask and magnifies them. Everything is richer and rounder in this one, with notes of marzipan, almonds, butterscotch, and toffee. The lightness of the spirit showcases the contribution of the sherry casks, which particularly in the 27 year-old component of the blend have had plenty of time to work their magic