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Scions of Sinai Wine Nomadis

$ 33

Cinsaut noir, with only a touch Pinotage. The aim is to curate the uniqueness of these two vineyards sharing the same soil type fit to this cultivars for a lighter style. Aiming at a purer expression of the cultivars by means of natural vinification methods (no additives or alterations to the juice or wine, except trace amounts of sulphites. No filtration and no fining). Just Cinsaut and Pinotage from oxidized soils aka sand with high silica content. Even though these two are not usually blended together, these two vineyards are complimented by sharing a similar soil type and captures a unique tastiness in their lightness.

Rooted in a very light textured sandy soil from decomposed granite. Giving the soil and roots more breathability and secures high fragrance and flavour development earlier on in the ripening. Also located just off the shoreline of False bay (3km) making the day temperstures cooler than the deeper inland Stellenbosch. Hand harvested early in the morning when grapes are lively and fresh and placed into 18kg lugboxes, which gets transported to and hand processed at the winery within 1 hour of harvest (securing its vibrant perfume and flavour).

Gentle hand in the cellar and no pigéage. 70% of the Cinsaut underwent a semi-carbonic fermentation (wholebunches) where the other 30 was destemmed and merely handsoaked during fermentation (like extracting flavour from a tea bag). Manually basket pressed after a long slow natural fermentation and placed into old French oak barrels. Malo in barrel and aged on its lees for 6 months before blending and bottling (unfiltered and unfined). No additives or manipulations to the juice or wine, just pure wine with small amount of sulphites added before bottling. The Pinotage portion, 100% was semi-carbonic wholebunch fermentation that lasted through a long and steady natural fermentation. Basket Pressed into old French Oak barrels where it underwent malo and aged on its lees for 6 months as well.

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