Tenuta La Favola Nero d'Avola - Grain & Vine | Curated Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Tenuta La Favola Nero d'Avola

$ 16

As Valeria describes it, her husbands land and his vines is part of his DNA… lighting up his eyes when he talks about it, the same as when he talks about his daughters. Corrado studied agronomy, and quickly delve into the world of organic farming, setting up experimental fields on his own land that are still used today by the University for Agriculture. He set up green energy so that the cellar and house are all run on solar power. All his time is spent here, among his rows of vines in constant research of new and improved green methods of farming. It is here, on this hill on the southern most point of Siciliy that Corrado calls paradise, the third generation of his family to cultivate this land. The name of the area is called ‘Buonivini’ or ‘good wines’. I need not say more. Two generations before him, sail ships arrived from England to buy his grandfathers wine, and still today you can find his grandfathers wineries name indicated on the Militarys Geographic Institutes map, this ‘winery on the hill top in the area of buonivini.’ Corrado has not set out to make the best wine in the world, but instead a wine that conserves a little piece of his land, history and terroir inside each bottle. Just as his grandfather did, he lets the sun and the wind do the work, and he simply watches and listens to what the vines need which is little as this land has known how to grow healthy and happy vines for 100’s of years.

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