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Wildman Wine Piggy-Pop McLaren Vale Pet-Nat

$ 35

All change for 2019! New vineyard, new label. We’ve decided to double down on the fun this year and turn our red pét-nat into a fruit driven ruby coloured rosé pét-nat, with a new name and a new fruit source. We’ve moved to a premium vineyard in McLaren Vale owned by renowned viticulturist Sue Trott for our new source of Nero d’Avola. Meticulous viticulture and a stunning vineyard location in the McLaren Flat sub-region of McLaren Vale has allowed us to step up the fruit quality this year and it really shows in the bottle, with the Nero character and fruit power really popping out of the glass - hence Piggy POP! Eight tonnes of Nero d’Avola was hand harvested on Friday 8th March and transferred directly to the Lodestone winery in the neighbouring Adelaide Hills. A small proportion was set aside for the Astro Bunny, whilst the rest was fermented with 25% whole bunch for just four days week before being pressed off skins to achieve the lighter ruby red colour. The intense power of the fruit allowed us to carry out a shorter skin maceration time whilst achieving even greater fruit intensity in the final wine - that’s the secret behind the Piggy! The wine was bottled with approximately 12 g/lt residual sugar and fermented dry over the winter, resulting in a final pressure of 3 bar.

13% ABV
sugar 00.7g/lt
free S02 0.00mg/lt
total SO2 4mg/lpH 3.57
titratable acidity 5.3g/lt
6,588 bottles produced


TastinNotesGlistening cherry red with foaming jewel-like bubbles, the aromas explode out of the glass with a riot of red fruits, spice and liquorice. The palate is ever so juicy with a snap and crackle of Nero acidity on the finish to keep it mouthwatering and fresh. Serve cold, no need to shake before opening. Delicious on it’s own as an aperitif, the perfect weapon to demolish a charcuterie board or treat it like liquid cranberry sauce and drink with turkey or pork pies but always with gusto

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