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400 Conejos Joven Mezcal

$ 35

400 Conejos Joven Mezcal is a vibrant and authentic expression of Mexico's rich mezcal tradition. Crafted in the heart of Oaxaca, known as the epicenter of mezcal production, this joven (young) mezcal embodies the spirit and passion of its origin. Made from meticulously selected Espadín agave, it offers a pure and unadulterated taste of the agave plant, capturing the essence of the earth and the craftsmanship behind traditional mezcal-making.

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Nose: The aroma is enticing and complex. It opens with a distinct smoky character, typical of traditional mezcal, combined with fresh agave notes. This is complemented by a hint of citrus and a subtle floral undertone, creating a uniquely inviting bouquet that prepares the palate for the flavors to come.

Palate: On the palate, 400 Conejos Joven Mezcal delivers a beautifully balanced flavor. The smoky notes are present but not overpowering, harmonizing with the natural sweetness of the agave. Undertones of green apple, lemon zest, and a hint of pepper add depth and complexity to the taste, making each sip a delightful experience.

Finish: The finish is smooth and lingering. It leaves a pleasant smokiness on the palate, along with a refreshing hint of herbal notes and a slight mineral quality, reminiscent of the Oaxacan terroir. This mezcal concludes with a clean and satisfying end, inviting another taste.

400 Conejos Joven Mezcal is more than a drink; it's a celebration of Oaxacan culture and the artisanal methods that define mezcal. This joven mezcal is perfect for those seeking to explore the authentic flavors of traditional mezcal. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or as the base in a variety of cocktails to experience the full spectrum of its character.