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A.D. Laws Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey

$ 65

Product information

Four Grain Straight Bourbon Made 100% grain to bottle in-house at the LAWS WHISKEY HOUSE™ distillery in Denver Colorado. Our bourbon is hand crafted without shortcuts. Starting with our sour mash fermentation, it’s twice distilled and aged a minimum of two years in new full sized, 53 gallon charred white oak barrels. Our carefully managed grain bill is 60% corn, 20% wheat, 10% rye and 10% barley. The small grains are locally grown and malted by family farms in southern Colorado with select corn from Wisconsin. One taste of A. D. Laws Four Grain Bourbon contains a delightful showcase of all four of these American “mother grains”. 

Producer information

But exactly what is a whiskey house? To us it’s a place dedicated to whiskey, a temple of sorts, a place to come and explore your passion for whiskey. Make no mistake about it, Laws Whiskey House is a distillery, but more than that it is where we can educate and share everything we know and love about whiskey. Our commitment to education is such a core part of our vision that the simple term “distillery” did not do it justice. That is our story. And one taste will tell you there’s not an ounce of fiction in it. First is our commitment to making a no compromise whiskey. Every step of production is carried out in-house. Starting with grain from family-owned Colorado Malting Company out of Alamosa, Colorado and corn from Briess Mallting in Chilton, Wisconsin. We believe that the only way to make a great whiskey, one with balance and character is using the traditional, and far more intensive method of open-air fermentation. The next step is aging the whiskey. Ours is aged in 53 gallon charred American White Oak barrels which we source from Independent Stave Company in southern Missouri.


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A rye forward beginning quickly gives way to a mellow wheat taste, followed by creamy barley always backed up with a solid and sweet corn backbone. This makes for a bourbon that is approachable for the novice whiskey drinker while at the same time eliciting deep and subtle complexity for the more seasoned enthusiast.