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Alonso & Pedrajo Suane Rioja Reserva Rosado

$ 30

From the renowned Rioja region in Spain comes the 2019 Suane Rioja Reserva Rosado by Alonso & Pedrajo. With its rich history and exceptional terroir, Rioja is synonymous with world-class wines, and this rosado is no exception. Alonso & Pedrajo have sculpted a wine that is both reflective of the region's deep-rooted traditions and their own modern winemaking approach.

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Nose: The nose is greeted by a fragrant bouquet of fresh strawberries, raspberries, and hints of rose petals. Deeper inhales bring forth nuances of citrus zest, delicate herbs, and a tantalizing mineral undertone.

Palate: On the palate, this rosado displays a harmonious blend of red fruit flavors, predominantly wild berries and juicy cherries. Its crisp acidity is complemented by a subtle creaminess, a result of its time maturing. Notes of dried herbs, orange peel, and a touch of spice add depth and complexity to the profile.

Finish: The finish is long, refreshing, and elegantly balanced. Lingering notes of berries are joined by hints of almond and a savory minerality, ensuring a memorable experience with every sip. 

The 2019 Alonso & Pedrajo Suane Rioja Reserva Rosado showcases its versatility when it comes to pairings. It is a perfect companion to Spanish tapas, especially patatas bravas, gambas al ajillo, or a classic tortilla Española. Light salads with goat cheese, roasted nuts, and citrus-based dressings highlight the wine's crispness. For heartier options, consider grilled lamb chops or paella with plenty of vegetables and saffron. The wine's acidity and flavor profile make it an excellent match for semi-hard cheeses like Manchego or Idiazabal.