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Altolandon Mil Historias Amber White Blend

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From the high-altitude vineyards of Manchuela, the Altolandon Mil Historias Amber White Blend is a testament to the harmonious balance of artistry and terroir. Altolandon, a winery deeply committed to organic and biodynamic viticulture, has produced a captivating amber white blend that beautifully encapsulates the rich characteristics of the region.

This intriguing wine is a complex blend of different white grape varieties, each contributing its unique profile to the final assembly. Cultivated in volcanic soils, this medley of indigenous grapes matures in an exceptional microclimate, where cool nights and warm days bestow the wine with a splendid balance of acidity, body, and aroma. This Amber White Blend is an exceptional example of Altolandon's dedication to ecological harmony and artisanal winemaking.

This product is available as a special order and only by the case.


Nose: The nose of this Amber White Blend is an enticing ensemble of aromas, boasting prominent notes of dried apricot, honey, and almond. As the aroma unfolds, nuances of citrus peel, wild flowers, and a whisper of minerality augment the bouquet, introducing a fascinating complexity.

Palate: On the palate, the Mil Historias Amber White Blend offers a compelling medium to full-bodied texture with bright acidity. The captivating flavors of dried fruits, honey, and almond are beautifully counterbalanced by the tangy notes of citrus, all underscored by a distinct minerality. As the flavors dance mid-palate, they evolve to reveal a hint of savoury herbs and a subtle touch of smoky complexity.

Finish: The finish is satisfying and lingering, with the delightful warmth of dried fruits and honey gradually receding to leave a persistent echo of mineral sharpness, fragrant wild flowers, and an intriguing smoky note.

This versatile and layered Amber White Blend from Altolandon is a gastronomic delight, ready to accompany a broad spectrum of dishes. Delight in the synergy of flavors by pairing this wine with hearty poultry dishes such as roast chicken or turkey with a drizzle of citrusy, herbaceous sauces. Seafood enthusiasts can savor this amber wine with baked salmon or grilled prawns for an enriching experience.

For vegetarians, this wine makes a wonderful companion to mushroom risotto or a roasted vegetable medley, while a cheese platter with mature, tangy cheeses like Manchego or Gruyere would resonate with the wine's complexity. This Amber White Blend is a true celebration of flavors, providing a captivating accompaniment to a wide range of cuisines. It's a bottle that tells a thousand stories, each sip unfolding a new chapter.