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Altovino Manchuela Amber Wine

$ 19

From the sun-kissed vineyards of Spain's Manchuela region, Altovino presents its 2022 Amber Wine - a mesmerizing marriage of traditional winemaking methods and the distinct terroir of Manchuela. By allowing prolonged skin contact with white grapes, Altovino captures the richness, complexity, and hue that are characteristic of amber wines. This unique process brings forth a wine that is as vibrant and luminous in flavor as it is in color, echoing the warmth and spirit of its origin.

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Nose: The nose reveals an inviting bouquet of dried apricots, honey, and toasted almonds. Subtle notes of earthen minerals and a touch of white flowers offer a delicate counterpoint, making the aromatic profile layered and intriguing.

Palate: The wine graces the palate with flavors of dried fruits, particularly figs and raisins, harmoniously intertwined with hints of herbal tea, orange zest, and a subtle spice. The tannic structure, more pronounced than in standard white wines due to the skin contact, adds depth and texture, resulting in a wine that's both bold and refreshing.

Finish: The finish is persistent, leaving behind a delightful resonance of stone fruits, a hint of nuttiness, and the characteristic tannic grip of amber wines.

Altovino's Manchuela Amber Wine is an adventurer on the dining table, pairing excellently with a range of dishes. Its robust nature complements grilled meats and rich fish like salmon or mackerel. Cheese enthusiasts would rejoice pairing this with aged cheeses, while its fruitiness balances dishes with a sweet and savory character, such as Moroccan tagines or roasted root vegetables with honey glaze.