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Arcane Distilling Fernet

$ 40

With a hearty gentian base note, Arcane Fernet was designed from the ground up to pay homage to its traditional bitter origins, but with an eye on refinement. The bitterness of the gentian is aided by 3 different types of citrus peel for a more nuanced, deeper bitter that steers away from astringency.


Amaro are known for being sweet, but there's no reason for them to be syrupy. Using an old candy-maker's secret, the sugar content of Arcane Fernet is dramatically reduced without compromising on flavor. The other not-so-secret "sweet" ingredient is peppermint. While not contributing any actual sugar, the delicate flavor of the peppermint botanicals cleanly rounds out the spirit leaving your palette refreshed.


Fernet isn't all about bitterness, the famous herbal quality of the amaro hearkens back to its medicinal origins. With Arcane Fernet we focused on the stomach soothing nature of a traditional digestif amaro. With this in mind, we sought out herbs known for their gentle nature, including one fairly unusual one- hop flowers. Arcane has 3 different varieties in every batch and it works out beautifully.

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