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Asahi Shuzo Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo Sake

$ 45

Asahi Shuzo's Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo Sake is a representation of meticulous sake-making. The "39" in its name refers to the degree of milling, meaning that the rice grains used in the production have been polished down to 39% of their original size. This careful and labor-intensive refinement process ensures the essence of the rice shines through, resulting in a cleaner, more elegant flavor profile. Produced by one of Japan's leading sake breweries, Dassai 39 embodies the commitment to quality and the pursuit of perfection that Asahi Shuzo is known for.

It can truly be said that DASSAI Beyond was more than a decade-in-the-making. The origins of this rare and extraordinary sake began with a simple, yet most challenging ambition: to handcraft a sake that would surpass the excellence of DASSAI 23, widely praised by critics as a "perfect" sake. And so, driven by the passion of DASSAI's founder, Hiroshi Sakurai, he and his small group of the finest sake artisans began their quest to improve upon perfection at DASSAI's tiny, countryside brewery in Yamaguchi prefecture.

With its rice milling of 39%, it is a second best quality defined by its rice milling after 23%. It has smooth and mellow taste with refreshing finish.

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Nose: The aroma is delicate and refined, showcasing notes of ripe melon, honeysuckle, and a hint of banana. Behind this, there's a subtle waft of anise and rice grain that adds depth and intrigue.

Palate: Soft and silky on entry, the palate offers a harmonious balance of sweetness and acidity. Flavors of pear, lychee, and a touch of yuzu citrus intertwine, complemented by underlying notes of steamed rice and a light umami character.

Finish: The finish is crisp, smooth, and enduring, leaving behind a gentle sweetness and a nuanced trace of minerality, reminiscent of a clear mountain stream.

Asahi Shuzo's Dassai 39 is a testament to the beauty and sophistication of Junmai Daiginjo sake. It's an invitation to experience the refined nuances of Japanese sake craftsmanship at its finest.