Bénédicte et Stéphane Tissot Arbois Trousseau Singulier

Bénédicte et Stéphane Tissot Arbois Trousseau Singulier

$ 55

A magnificent red from the Jura! Redcurrants, cherries, blackcurrants, all the red fruits or almost all the red fruits are present in this light, digestible, full-bodied wine with fine, ripe tannins.


"Wine from our best Trousseau vines. Concentrated, unctuous and fat wine - Unfiltered "


Stéphane Tissot


To be kept for ten years or more.


This Arbois is called Singulier, because it is made from a single grape variety, Trousseau, from 5 different locations: les Rosières, Béranger, En Muzard, les Corvées sous Curon and les Bruyères, which present a beautiful geological unity, with limestone scree on Lias clay. In total, this represents 2.78 hectares of vines from 10 to 80 years old, thus mixing youth and maturity.


After meticulously sorted manual harvesting and de-stemming, the grapes are vinified by the Tissot family in truncated wooden vats and then matured in new half-muids for one year.