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Blue Run 'Reflection I' Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

$ 99

Blue Run “Reflection I” Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a small-batch whiskey contract distilled by Blue Run’s Liquid Advisor and Bourbon Hall of Famer Jim Rutledge. Jim distilled this batch of barrels at Castle & Key Distillery. The name “Reflection I” was chosen by two of Blue Run’s founders who faced personal challenges over the past two years, during the pandemic, and while trying to launch a whiskey company. Pulled from existing aging stocks, this approachable Bourbon, at this particular proof, is what they both enjoyed during this period, allowing them to reflect on what truly matters, starting first and foremost with family. This unique bourbon, crafted from a meticulous selection of grains and aged in charred American oak barrels, exemplifies the distillery's commitment to creating truly exceptional expressions. Blue Run 'Reflection I' Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a testament to the craft and timeless tradition of bourbon-making.

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Nose: On the nose, Blue Run 'Reflection I' Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey offers an inviting and complex array of aromas. Sweet notes of caramel and vanilla are beautifully complemented by a warm scent of toasted oak. Subtle hints of dark fruit and spice add an intriguing layer of depth to the bouquet.

Palate: The palate of this bourbon delivers a harmonious blend of flavors. The sweet, rich taste of caramel and vanilla shines through, balanced by the robust flavor of charred oak. As you savor the whiskey, notes of dried fruit, cinnamon, and a touch of pepper emerge, creating a lively and engaging tasting experience.

Finish: The finish of this Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is long and satisfying, with lingering notes of sweet caramel, toasted oak, and a whisper of warm spice. This enduring finish invites you to take another sip and further explore the nuances of this extraordinary spirit.