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Bodega Garzon Tannat Reserva

$ 18

Uruguay is renowned worldwide for the Tannat, which is the most emblematic variety in the country due to its unique velvety flavour and its innumerable international awards. Its production is bigger than those in the stock’s native regions in southwest France and displays local particularities that make it unique. Due to this identity, the world embraced the wines produced in Uruguay because they were promising, different and with a strong local character.

Bodega Garzón’s Tannat Reserva 2016 undergoes a 12-to-16-month ripening process on its lees in 50 HL untoasted French oak barrels and bottis, which allow us to have a better wood and wine linking, minimising the presence of notes coming from the toasted oak.

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This Tannat is a wine of a deeply intense purple colour with very fresh aromas reminding of red and black fruits, such as cherries and raspberries, together with a spiced delicate aroma. It has a great personality in mouth. Its ripe tannins and its minerality transform it into a terroir wine of great identity.