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Bodegas Breca Rose

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Calatayud is an arid and mountainous region three hours to the northeast of Madrid. Bodegas Breca is located on the outskirts of the town Munebrega, which for many centuries was a Celt-Iberian city that resisted Roman occupation for decades until the arrival of Scipio Africanus on the Iberian Peninsula. Viticulture flourished under the Romans, but in the 20th century, cooperatives dominated the winemaking scene in Calatayud. Jorge Ordóñez, founder of Bodegas Breca, was the first person to introduce D.O. Calatayud into the United States. 

Bodegas Breca owns and leases vineyards exclusively of the original clones of Garnacha on the Sierra de Pardos and Sierra de Peña Blanca. These vineyards, planted between 1900 and 1975 are all head trained and dry farmed. Breca, the flagship wine, is produced from a variety of tiny plots, each one of which is only 1.5Ha. on average, because of the mountainous terrain. The vineyards that are used for Breca are planted between 850M and 1,050M above sea level. These altitudes are vital for Breca – they are responsible for 60˚F temp-erature swings (40˚F-100˚F) during the growing season. These conditions are perfect for Garnacha, a variety that requires warm conditions to ripen fully due to its long vegetative cycle. At the same time, the cold nights slow down the ripening process, maintaining acidity and elegant aromatics. Along with its altitudes, Calatayud’s soils are its distinguishing feature. The plots that are used for Breca vary from black slate (like in Priorat), to gray slate, to iron rich red slate, to limestone, and to red clay intermixed with decomposed slate and quartz. Each soil type produces a drastically different wine. The variety of soils in the final wine lend a distinct complex minerality to Breca.

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