Bosman Generation 8 Chenin Blanc - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Bosman Generation 8 Chenin Blanc

$ 17

The farms in the Bovlei valley are exceptionally well suited to cultivate Chenin Blanc. On sunny days well-drained soils and slopes form a myriad of micro pockets. The wealth of older vineyards on the farms also adds to the complexity of our offering. 

As Chenin Blanc is so versatile, it was important to have a fixed ideal of the outcome of this wine so that its followers would come to know and love it for its rich, concentrated appeal. 

This product is available as a special order and only by the case.


Delicate nuances of pear and peach are balanced on the palate with a dry, lingering finish.

A fantastic aperitif and a multi-faceted food wine that complements a range of dishes from salads to pasta to grilled dishes with seafood or poultry.