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Brand Pfalz Petillant Naturel Rose

$ 28

The family owned winery Brand in the Palatinate has been producing wines with an individual personality for five generations since 1891. In 2014 sons Daniel & Jonas took over the winery from their father Jürgen. They consistently focus on an ecological cultivation of the vineyards, “Working in nature and with nature” – this is their conviction.

The logo represents two things: you can find the hand taking an oath on the keystone of St. Martin’s Church in our village of Bockenheim and therefore it represents our emotional relationship to our region. On the other hand, the hand is a symbol for quality in the bottle and our close connection to nature.

They entirely refuse to use mineral fertilizers or pesticides. Instead they use the power of nature: plant-based remedies such as herbal extracts or teas strengthen their vines. More biodiversity helps to keep the vineyards vital and the soils healthy. Therefore they plant clover and wild herbs on their cultivated areas to attract more bees and other beneficial insects.
Together with the ideal climatic conditions, healthy and juicy grapes can grow in a natural balance and good wine can be produced in truly organic quality.

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