Brendan Tracey Gorge Seche - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Brendan Tracey Gorge Seche

$ 30

Inspired by the f$*k-all/do-anything attitude of California punk in the late 1970’s, Brendan Tracey, a New Jersey native who’d attended high school in France, moved from San Francisco to Paris where he helped launch a local FM station in 1981. After years of working as a Disc-Jockey, Program Director and finally News Reporter and Presenter, Brendan abandoned his career of 27-years, to study winemaking at the Lycée Viticole in Amboise.

While earning his Baccalauréat Viticulture-Oenologie in 2009, Brendan apprenticed with Thierry Puzelat, a pioneer of natural, organic winemaking in France; and followed with three months at the “Cave Coopérative des Vignerons de Mont-Prés-Chambord”.

Currently, Brendan lives with his wife in Sainte Anne, on the property that her family has owned and occupied for more than five generations. Here, Brendan makes natural VDF wines in the family’s garage.

Inspired by Thierry Puzelat and Philippe Tessier, Brendan employs natural yeasts, and a semi-carbonic maceration on his red wines. Making wines from organically farmed fruit, Brandan sees himself as a humble assistant to nature. “Each year,” he writes, “each variety, terroir and climatic situation imposes decisions on the way grapes are grown, harvested and fermented.”

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