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Brooklyn Gin

$ 40

Brooklyn Gin is a craft spirit made in New York with fresh citrus peels and hand-cracked juniper. Their gin is fresh, complex, and flavorful. It’s good enough to drink on its own.


Other folks are noticing, too.  They won a double gold medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a double gold medal at the 2015 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, a gold medal at the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a gold medal at the 2015 Craft Competition, and 91 points and a rating of “Excellent, Highly Recommended” at the 2015 Ultimate Spirits Challenge.


They use 100% fresh citrus peels and hand-cracked juniper. By hand-cutting the citrus fruit, and releasing the essential oils in the juniper berries, they make a more vibrant gin than the distillers who use frozen or dried citrus peels.


In 2010 and in kinship with the craftspeople who embody the Brooklyn Spirit, their founders Emil Jättne and Joe Santos set out to make a high-quality small-batch American gin by hand, on their own terms.  Since then, the company they have built around this guiding principle remains proudly independent and purposely small.


Unlike mass-produced factory gins, they do everything by hand. It takes more time and effort, but they believe you can taste it in your very first sip. They use one Christian Carl copper pot still.  Each batch yields 300 bottles of gin and their process takes three days. They distill Brooklyn Gin using locally purchased fruit and a base spirit made from 100% American corn that is sourced from small farms.


This small company got its start in the wake of the financial crisis.  At that time, due to their available resources, they were unable to build their own distillery.  They were lucky to find a remarkable partner just outside the city in the Hudson Valley to help bring their vision of a handmade, small-batch American gin to life.  They craft and bottle Brooklyn Gin at the Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery in Warwick, New York.

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