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Caballito Cerrero Agave Chato Blanco 46

$ 80

Don Alfonso Jiménez Rosales, from 1934 to 1950, being a shareholder of Tequila Herradura S.A. performed the marketing activities of Tequila Herradura, with his cousins the Rosales Family.

After a family problem, Don Alfonso left Tequila Herradura and with the premise of manufacturing a supreme quality tequila in 1950 he created El Caballito Cerrero, El que no necesita herraduras [The Untamed Horse, the one that does not need horseshoes], a Caballito Cerrero is a wild, strong animal that can not be tamed.

In that same year, he acquired the Santa Rita Factory built by his father-in-law Maximiano Hernández in 1873, located in Amatitán, Jalisco in the Barranca de Tecuane, this ravine has been and will always be the home of the Caballito Cerrero.

In 1968, he founded Tequila El Caballito Cerrero, Sociedad Anónima; his son Don Claudio Jiménez Hernández following the family tradition, dedicated his life to manufacturing Tequila Caballito Cerrero in the Santa Rita Factory.

Currently, the Jiménez family continues to manufacture Caballito Cerrero in the Santa Rita Factory with the designation of Destilado de Agave with the tradition taught to them by their ancestors, who were Mezcal and Tequila producers and Agave growers, for fifteen generations, a tradition that is constituted by an absolute respect to the quality of a product 100% of Agave, doing it with the strictest surveillance of processes and using mature and sazon (stage that the agave adquires a few year after it quiota) agaves and only of the region of Amatitán.

Caballito Cerrero is the result of knowledge of generations and the geographical conditions of the Santa Rita Factory located in a fertile ravine and fed by a spring of natural mineral water that is used to cook, ferment and distill, all this makes Caballito Cerrero a product of unique and unparalleled quality.

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