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Cantrina Valtenesi A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose Chiaretto

$ 16

From the serene shores of Lake Garda in Lombardy, Cantrina brings forth its Valtenesi rosé, poetically named "A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose". As the name suggests, this Chiaretto isn't just any rosé. It's a heartfelt expression of Valtenesi's unique terroir, marrying the area's Mediterranean climate with the artisanal touch of Cantrina's winemaking.

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Nose: This Chiaretto opens with a captivating bouquet of red cherries, raspberries, and wild strawberries, enveloped by nuances of rose petals and a hint of Mediterranean herbs.

Palate: The palate is delightfully fresh, with a harmonious balance between its vibrant acidity and subtle fruit profile. Dominant flavors of red berry fruits are complemented by a slight minerality and a touch of citrus zest, giving it an invigorating edge.

Finish: The finish lingers gracefully, leaving behind notes of fresh red fruits and a delicate floral whisper, embodying the wine's poetic nomenclature.

A truly versatile companion at the table, Cantrina's Chiaretto is an impeccable match for light appetizers like bruschetta and olives. Its refreshing character makes it an ideal pair for seafood, especially dishes like grilled prawns or calamari salads. It also complements dishes with a hint of spice, such as Thai or Vietnamese salads. For those wanting to keep it Italian, a light pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil will beautifully echo the wine's Mediterranean roots.