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Carussin Completo Vino Rosso

$ 25

From the rolling hills of Piedmont, Carussin presents their Completo Vino Rosso – a wine that captures the spirit and passion of this iconic wine-producing region. With a focus on biodynamic farming and natural winemaking processes, Carussin has carved a niche for themselves, producing wines that are both reflective of the region's heritage and their innovative approach.

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Nose: The aroma that wafts from the glass is unmistakably Italian. Hints of ripe cherries, dried herbs, and perhaps a touch of earthy leather dance together, creating a harmonious and inviting nose. Swirl the glass, and one might also pick up nuances of violets or plums, with a faint whisper of terracotta or aged wood in the background.

Palate: The first sip reveals a wine of structure and depth. The vibrant acidity characteristic of Piedmont reds is evident, balancing the robust fruit flavors perfectly. Notes of blackberries, red currants, and perhaps a touch of licorice unfurl on the palate, enriched by a subtle undertone of oak or vanilla.

Finish: The finish is lasting and resonant, with the earthy, fruit-driven flavors mellowing into softer notes of cocoa or tobacco, ensuring a memorable end to each sip.

Diving into a bottle of Carussin Completo Vino Rosso offers a rich tapestry of food pairing possibilities. The wine's robust nature lends itself well to hearty dishes like osso buco, wild boar ragu, or a classic Piedmontese beef stew. Pasta dishes with rich tomato sauces or truffle-infused risottos would also complement the wine's flavors impeccably. If looking for a lighter option, consider pairing with a charcuterie board, featuring aged cheeses, cured meats, and marinated olives, to celebrate the wine's Italian roots in every bite.