Céline & Laurent Tripoz Pouilly-Loché 1ère Réserve - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Céline & Laurent Tripoz Pouilly-Loché 1ère Réserve

$ 39

Celine and Laurent Tripoz started their domaine in 1986, selling grapes to the local cooperative before making their first wines in 1990. They became interested in organic and then biodynamic viticulture, converting the domaine very early on. Celine and Laurent are born into wine and their passion for good winemaking and conscious viticulture has made them key players in the region.


All the Tripoz vineyards are in or just outside of Loché, where the cellar is located. On eastern exposure, in clay loaded with limestone, the Tripoz believe that the only way to get a sense of terroir in there wine is to work in the most natural manner. "The Maconnais is not blessed with the great terroirs of northern Burgundy, we have to work harder to get good wines here," Laurent says.


The Pouilly Loché "Reserve" is from vines outside the village, in the Pouilly AOC. This wine sees a long elévage in oak for almost two years and is the domaine’s most ageworthy and complex wine.

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