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Cenatiempo Ischia Biancolella

$ 26

The region of Campania makes some of the best white wines in Italy, and Pasquale Cenatiempo's wines from the island of Ischia are yet another demonstration of this. Ischia is a volcanic island, and the whites do show the characteristic 'struck flint' character of volcanic terroirs. Cenatiempo's production is about half from his own grapes, which are biodynamically farmed, the rest coming from other growers around the island.

Biancolella is grown on Ischia, Capri and the Amalfi Coast area. While it may be autochthonous, it may also have been brought to the area by Greek settlers. Pale yellow in color, lush notes of acacia blossom and ripe peach are balanced with hints of herbs and crisp minerality. Lovely with fish and seafood.

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