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Centopassi Nero d'Avola "Argille di Tagghia Via"

$ 18

The 2022 Nero d'Avola "Argille di Tagghia Via" by Centopassi is a striking representation of Sicily's indigenous grape and the island's illustrious winemaking heritage. Centopassi, known for its dedication to organic farming and authentically expressed wines, offers this Nero d'Avola, a varietal synonymous with Sicilian reds. "Argille di Tagghia Via," hinting at "clays of Tagghia Via," suggests a distinctive terroir, which undoubtedly contributes to the wine's rich character and depth.

Nose: An enveloping bouquet of dark cherries, blackberries, and plums introduces itself, accompanied by hints of licorice, violets, and a touch of black pepper. As it unfolds, there's an underpinning of Mediterranean herbs and subtle earthy tones.

Palate: The palate is expressive and robust. A cascade of ripe dark fruits dominates, harmoniously blending with notes of cocoa, tobacco, and spice. The wine is structured, with velvety tannins that give way to a harmonious balance of acidity and fruit.

Finish: The finish is persistent, with lingering notes of dark chocolate, ripe fruit, and a whisper of toasted oak, leaving a lasting memory of Sicilian elegance.

This Nero d'Avola is the quintessential partner to hearty Sicilian dishes. Its robust character pairs impeccably with grilled meats, particularly lamb with rosemary or beef steaks. Traditional pasta dishes like Pasta alla Norma or even a rich lasagna would be enhanced by its depth. For cheese lovers, mature cheeses like Pecorino or Caciocavallo would amplify the wine's inherent flavors.