Centopassi Sicilia Grillo Rocce Di Pietra Longa - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Centopassi Sicilia Grillo Rocce Di Pietra Longa

$ 18

Hailing from the sun-drenched vineyards of Sicily, the 2022 Grillo Rocce Di Pietra Longa by Centopassi stands as a true testament to the island's vibrant viticulture and rich winemaking history. Centopassi, renowned for its commitment to organic farming and crafting expressive wines, brings forth this Grillo, which mirrors the characteristic Mediterranean flair with an added touch of elegance. "Rocce Di Pietra Longa," translating to "Rocks of Long Stone," indicates a unique terroir that grants this wine its distinctive personality.

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Nose: The aromatic profile introduces itself with an invigorating bouquet of citrus blossoms, ripe yellow fruits, and subtle hints of saline minerality. Undertones of almond and fresh herbs add depth and intrigue to the nose.

Palate: This Grillo showcases a vivacious and zesty palate with flavors of lemon, green apple, and white peach taking center stage. The mineral-driven backbone reflects the stony soils of Pietra Longa, while a balanced acidity ensures freshness and vibrancy throughout.

Finish: Leaving a lasting impression, the finish is clean, with the lingering sensation of citrus zest and a gentle touch of Mediterranean herbs.

Centopassi's Grillo is an excellent choice for seafood enthusiasts. Its refreshing nature and bright acidity make it an ideal companion to grilled calamari, seared scallops, or a classic Sicilian seafood pasta. It would also resonate well with dishes like lemon herb chicken, goat cheese salads, or even a light spinach and ricotta ravioli. For cheese aficionados, a platter of fresh mozzarella, burrata, or other creamy cheeses would harmonize wonderfully with this wine's profile.