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Champagne Grongnet Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs

$ 49

Champagne Grongnet Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs exudes elegance, grace, and the sophisticated charm that Champagne is renowned for. Produced by the Grongnet family, who have tended to their vineyards in the quaint Champagne village of Étoges for over five generations, this sparkling wine is a beautiful manifestation of their dedication to quality and tradition​.

This Blanc de Blancs Brut is crafted solely from Chardonnay grapes, meticulously cultivated on the ideally exposed slopes of Étoges. It sports a bright, cheerful champagne color, reflecting a tiny, delicate perle or bubble, indicative of its fine quality​.

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Nose: The aromatic journey begins with a delicate bouquet of white flowers, green apple, and hints of citrus zest, mingling with soft undertones of fresh brioche, showcasing the purity and elegance of Chardonnay.

Palate: Upon the first sip, a harmonious blend of flavors dances across the palate. The crisp acidity and creamy mousse offer a delightful texture, while the taste unveils layers of lemon curd, pear, and a touch of minerality, reflecting the terroir of the Côte des Blancs sub-region.

Finish: The finish is long and refined, with a lingering note of almond and fresh pastry, accompanied by a gentle minerality that invites for another sip. The refreshing nature of this Champagne makes it a delightful choice for toasting life's special moments.

Champagne Grongnet Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs is more than just a sparkling wine; it's a tribute to the enduring legacy and meticulous craftsmanship of the Grongnet family. Each sip promises a voyage to the picturesque vineyards of Étoges, offering a taste of the rich Champagne heritage.