Chavost Blanc D' Assemblage Brut Nature Champagne - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Chavost Blanc D' Assemblage Brut Nature Champagne

$ 55

"Chavost, an artisanal Champagne house, crafts their Blanc D' Assemblage Brut Nature with a meticulous dedication to authenticity and purity. Hailing from the revered Champagne region, this wine is an ode to the land's iconic terroir and the house's unwavering commitment to excellence.

Embracing a ""Brut Nature"" ethos, this Champagne, with no added dosage, offers a transparent, unmasked taste of its origin. Through a careful assemblage of grape varieties, Chavost manages to bottle a symphony of Champagne's best nuances.

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Nose: On the nose, Chavost's Blanc D' Assemblage offers a vibrant mosaic of aromas. Freshly picked green apple, lemon zest, and delicate pastry notes suggest a classic Champagne profile. However, there's an added depth—perhaps a whisper of almond or even chamomile—that invites intrigue.

Palate: Elegantly effervescent on the palate, this Champagne is a dance of flavors. Citrus notes are complemented by ripe pear, and there's a discernible minerality, like the chalky soils of Champagne's vineyards. As a Brut Nature, its purity shines, presenting a wine unadorned and unapologetically true to its roots.

Finish: Concluding with a poised finish, this Champagne leaves a lasting impression of crisp orchard fruits, a hint of brioche, and a saline minerality that is both refreshing and memorable.

With its Brut Nature character, Chavost's Blanc D' Assemblage offers a versatile pairing potential. Consider pairing with fresh seafood like oysters or scallops, allowing the wine's acidity and bubbles to enhance the flavors. For a more terrestrial approach, a creamy mushroom risotto or poultry dishes with a hint of citrus or herb seasoning would harmonize beautifully. And, as always, a selection of fine cheeses, especially those with a creamy texture, would be a fitting companion to this exquisite Champagne."