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Chozas Carrascal Las Dos Ces Roxanne Brut

$ 23

We are thrilled to introduce the wines of one of Spain’s very few Vino de Pago -  Bodega Chozas Carrascal. Helmed by María José the daughter of founder María José López-Peidro, this Valencian bodega utilizes modern techniques, many invented by the matriarch herself, to create wines with a singular sense of Mediterranean purity.

Here in Utiel Requena, close to the great Sea from which it receives its influence of long, warm summer days and equally cool summer nights the wines of Chozas benefit even further from the family’s deep sense of tradition and respect for their unique biodiversity.  The wines are certified organic, and pest control is obtained by planting indigenous flowers, trees and herbs throughout the vineyards, which naturally repel insects, enrich the nutrients in the soil and contribute to the aromatic terroir of the wines.

In the winery, this respect for the ‘cultivo ancestral’ is maintained through the strict use of native yeasts. All of the red wines are spontaneously fermented and the Bodega is has worked with a local university to create a “yeast bank” from strains obtained in its own vineyards.  The wines are never clarified and only in some instances filtered through an organic membrane maintaining purity in all of Chozas wines and remaining perfectly vegan.
Chozas incorporates the least amount of sulfur possible to maintain freshness using one-third the amount allowable by the VdP.

Located in a nature preserve, the winery is committed to reducing carbon emissions. The winery currently uses solar panels to reduce its energy use by one-half and a gas system for temperature control subtracting another 20%, and is close to achieving carbon neutrality. 

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