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Clos Fornelli La Robe d'Ange Vin de Corse Sciaccarellu

$ 22

From vines near the eastern coast of Corsica, below the massif of Castagniccia. The proximity of the sea protects the vineyard from excessive drought, while the neighboring mountains (which reach a height of more than 2500 metres) generate cool air at night that refreshes the grapes and allows them to recover from the stress of the day time heat.

The soil is composed of ancient alluvium, pebbles produced by erosion of the nearby rock formation (due to Bravone river). Not very fertile, but deep, which helps to optimise water management, an essential factor in the very dry climate of Corsica.

Farming method is intended to keep yields under 45 hl/ha: Cordon de Royat pruning, elimination of secondary buds to prevent the future grapes being choked by too much growth, leaf stripping, etc. The combination of low yields and ripe grapes are key factors in bringing out the terroir. All work is done with respect for the environment.

Three week fermentation with wild yeast in tank. Goes through malolactic fermentation, pumping over and treading.

Aged in concrete vats 7 to 10 months with regular stirring.

From meticulously farmed vineyards in a unique micro-climate that combines mediterranean sun with cool air from the sea and nearby mountains, comes this elegant, supple and easy-drinking red made from the traditional Corsican variety of Sciaccarellu. An ideal red for grilled fish and mediterranean fare!

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