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Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

$ 29

Corner Creek Bourbon has always been a favorite of ours. It is one of those bourbons that doesn't seem to try to make you like it, and yet you can’t help yourself but enjoy it. After all, when the current trend in bourbon is to get fancier and fancier bottles, the guys at Corner Creek decided to just use a standard wine bottle for their bourbon. In fact, we've had multiple customers confuse it for an oddly colored wine at first glance. To us, that seems like a lack of pretension which we can appreciate. 

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Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey is aged a nice eight years and bottled at 88 proof. That leads to a relatively gentle drinking experience light on burn or much alcohol taste. In fact, you get smokey sweet bourbon with a very full finish that will keep you coming back for more.This stuff wins all sorts of awards. Real critics are giving it fantastic reviews, and you can still get it cheap.