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Daddy Rack Tennessee Straight Whiskey

$ 33

A unique Tennessee Straight Small Batch Whiskey made from locally-farmed corn, sour mash fermentation, and the lightly rectified copper double distillation. Filtered using the famous Lincoln County Maple Charcoal slow filtration process before maturity in American Oak barrels. Each small batch bottling comes from just 20 barrels, blending using Daddy Racks secret recipe with no coloring, caramel, or anything else added. Before resting and bottling, each batch of Daddy Rack goes through a second lighter Maple Charcoal filtration resulting in the smoothest and soothing Tennessee Straight Whiskey available on the market.

What makes this bottle extra cool is that the distiller will make a donation from every bottle sold to CORE, which is the industry charity to hospitality workers with children. They have already raised over $3m this year, as of this writing!

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Appearance: Light golden amber, clear. Nose: Maple, honey, light oak, and caramelized banana.

Taste: Smooth and buttery mouthfeel, roasted apple and banana fruit lead onto vanilla and a hint of nutmeg.

Finish: Rich and warm, salted popcorn.