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Day Wines Vin de Days "L'Orange"

$ 28

With the success of our Tears of Vulcan skin-contact white blend, we knew we were on to something. The trouble is that we only make two barrels of that wine, so there's never enough to satisfy everyone's "orange craving" for more than a few months. The solution: make another "orange" wine. The 2019 Vin de Days L'Orange is our way to get you the textural and aromatic circus that you're looking for, without having to wait until June for the Tears to come around. This blend of 37% Riesling, 32% Müller-Thurgau, and 31% Gewürztraminer is a marvelous expression of these aromatic varietals and what can be achieved with a little skin contact (21 days to be exact). The beautiful, tropical Gewürz notes of lychee, grapefruit, and mango juxtapose in wonderful fashion with the racy, smoky minerality of the Riesling, while the Müller adds a subtle floral lift and acidic nuance to the firmly textured palate. With time and air, the fruit profile becomes richer and spicier with notes of candied orange rind and dried apricot. The finish remains vibrant and grippy even through the second day of being open. It's everything you're looking for from an aromatic "orange" wine, and it's ready to go right now.