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Diamond Reserve White Rum

$ 19

Hailing from the renowned sugarcane-producing region of Demerara, Guyana, Diamond Reserve White Rum stands as a proud testament to the area's storied history in rum production. This region is known for its rich, alluvial soils along the Demerara River – a natural gift that lends itself to the cultivation of some of the world's finest sugarcane. Diamond Reserve White Rum, distilled with precision and care, captures the essence of this lush terrain.

Nose: Fresh aromas of sugarcane fields are at the forefront, complemented by subtle notes of banana, coconut husk, and a hint of tropical flowers, reminiscent of the Guyanese landscape.

Palate: Silky and well-balanced, the rum introduces flavors of light molasses and vanilla bean. As it unfolds, there are hints of citrus zest, green apple, and a slight minerality, echoing the rich Demerara soils.

Finish: Crisp and lingering, it leaves an impression of fresh sugarcane juice and a touch of white pepper, enticing the palate for another sip.

Diamond Reserve White Rum is more than just a spirit; it's an ode to the fertile lands of Demerara. Perfect for both cocktails and neat sips, this rum is a true reflection of Guyanese craftsmanship and tradition.