Didier Grappe Les Oiseaux De Passage - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Didier Grappe Les Oiseaux De Passage

$ 35

In 2001 Didier Grappe finished viticole wine school in Beaune, Burgundy.  It was this year that he started to work his first vines.  In 2007 he converted to being organic and is certified by Ecocert. What makes Didier Grappe special is his hard work and dedication to his vineyards.  He says that good wine starts in the vines.  Didier's vines are a tribute to nature.  His vines are home to a variety of bird's nests, spiders and rabbits just to name a few inhabitants.  There being a flegling bird on his label is a good representation of the desire for birth to what is natural.  His viticulture shows respect for the environment.  He uses no chemical treatments. Didier has the passion and desire to make natural wines.  Vinification: no yeast, no tannins, no capitalization, no correction of acidity.  Grapes only.  His wines are not at all or just a little sulfited.  You can have a look at the analysis of his cuvées on his web-site at www.vindujura.com under: Ma Philosophie à la Cave.  Check out this web-site for more information and photos of the domaine.

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