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Diletta Tonello Marachelle Frizzante

$ 20

Introducing the Diletta Tonello Marachelle Frizzante, a delightful and lively Italian rosé that is sure to charm your senses. Crafted in the picturesque region of Veneto, Italy, Diletta Tonello is dedicated to producing wines that embody the unique character and terroir of the region.

The Marachelle Frizzante is a harmonious blend of Glera and Raboso grape varieties, carefully cultivated and harvested to create a wine that is both refreshing and invigorating. With its delicate bubbles, alluring color, and vibrant flavors, the Diletta Tonello Marachelle Frizzante is the perfect choice for any celebration or casual gathering.

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Nose: The nose presents a tantalizing bouquet of aromas, with dominant notes of ripe strawberries, raspberries, and red cherries. As the aroma develops, subtle hints of rose petals, orange peel, and a touch of white flowers emerge, adding complexity and depth to the olfactory experience.

Palate: On the palate, the Diletta Tonello Marachelle Frizzante offers a vibrant, light-bodied texture with lively effervescence. The dominant flavors of red berries, rose petals, and citrus are beautifully complemented by the wine's delicate minerality and a hint of fresh herbs. Mid-palate, the flavors evolve to reveal nuances of peach and a touch of honey, creating a well-rounded and enticing profile.

Finish: The finish is clean, refreshing, and lingering, with the brightness of red berries and citrus gradually giving way to a satisfying aftertaste of delicate minerality, floral notes, and a whisper of herbs.

The Diletta Tonello Marachelle Frizzante is an incredibly versatile and enchanting wine that pairs well with a wide range of appetizing dishes. Its effervescence and refreshing character make it an ideal companion for delicate seafood dishes such as shrimp cocktail, oysters on the half shell, or a light and zesty ceviche.

For a vegetarian option, consider pairing the wine with a fresh and vibrant Caprese salad or a flavorful bruschetta topped with ripe tomatoes, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil. The Marachelle Frizzante also pairs beautifully with a cheese board featuring a mix of soft, creamy cheeses like Brie or Camembert, and more robust, tangy options like goat cheese or aged Gouda, which will accentuate the wine's fruit and floral notes while providing a delightful contrast to its lively effervescence.